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Mirror Mirror on the wall YOU are the fairest of them all – now it’s time for YOU to believe it! Introducing The Head Plan Mirror Markers - 5 beautiful colourful markers to write yourself or your children positive reminders on your mirror about just how fabulous, strong and capable you are.

Here at The Head Plan we believe in the power of mirror work - a practice where you meet your reflection in the mirror and send yourself loving, self-affirming affirmations.

Mirror work aids in self-development and shifts the way you see yourself. Use The Head Plan Mirror Markers to write your positive affirming messages on your mirror. When you pass your reflection throughout the day stop and repeat your affirmations three times while looking at yourself. This simple practice will be remarkably transformative if embrace it.

  • Pack includes; 5 Mirror Markers in White, Blue, Purple, Dark Pink and Baby Pink. 
  • For use on; Mirrors, Glass, Metal, Glossy Board, LED Boards, Plastic and Non- Porous Surfaces. 

Join The Head Plan Community today by downloading for free on Apple or Google Play to receive daily positive affirmations pushed directly to your phone in the morning to aid your mirror work.

Write it down and make it happen xox 


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