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A Letter From Our Founders

Together with my husband, Ciaran, I founded The Head Plan, to help others become the best version of themselves. As a qualified life coach, I am passionate about helping people achieve their life goals, through the power of journaling and visualisation. Writing down your goals, practicing gratitude, and becoming conscious of your priorities is truly transformative.

The Head Plan is more than our products, it’s a movement, and I really hope you can join us, and the tens’ of thousands of other Head Planners in our community. We are growing by the day, and it brings us so much joy to see the impact we are having in peoples lives. I believe in you, and your ability to live your life to it’s greatest potential.

Denise & Ciaran x

Our Brand Story

The road to The Den


Humble Beginnings
Growing up I was quite an anxious child and my mother introduced me to alternative approaches to help ease anxiety symptoms like meditation, affirmations and journaling. Journaling is something I have always been passionate about and I carried it right through to my adult years and still lean on to this day.

We wrote it Down
In 2019 my husband Ciaran was diagnosed with Leukemia. I really leaned into journaling and the alternative approaches my mother taught me to overcome the biggest challenge of our lives.

We Made It Happen
The Head Plan was born and the first journal was sold on the 27th of December 2019.


We Sold Out
We rapidly started to sell out and built up a waiting list of thousands of people.

The Head Plan Hit The Shelves
Very quickly our brand started to grow, and many people wanted to to discover the power of journaling. We partnered with Brown Thomas and Arnotts and started selling in stores!

Our First Warehouse
When boxes and boxes of journals started to pile up in every corner of our home, we knew it was time for something bigger... our first warehouse!


Our Community
We created The Head Plan Community, a free app that went #1 in the app stores. The Head Plan Community App acts as a safe space to help you on your self-development journey.

The Head Plan HQ

Orders started pouring in, and our team started to grow, so we made the move out of home and into our very own office space - The Head Plan HQ!

The Head Plan x Roxie Nafousi
November started off with a bang with a brand collaboration with none other than Roxie Nafousi.

Dundrum Pop-Up
We made Christmas even more magical in 2021 with our very first retail pop-up in Dundrum Town Centre!


Our Trademark
After a very long-winded journey, and even a few tears, our trademark was registered!

Start-Up of The Year
We won the IMAGE PWC Start-Up of the Year Award.

New Journals
We launched two new journals; The Head Plan Finance Journal and The Kids Journal.

Four New Pop-Ups
Due to past success, in 2022 we opened pop-ups in Dundrum Town Centre in Dublin, Mahon Point in Cork, Arnotts & Brown Thomas.


The Year We Entered The Den
In 2023 we wrote our BIGGEST business goal to date... to appear on Dragons' Den!

But That’s Not All, We Also...
• Started our Affiliate Programme

• Hit 100k orders

• Went viral on TikTok

• Won the Empower Women Award

• Opened a pop-up in the UK

• Launched over 10 new products

• Hit 100k followers on Instagram

• Posted 35 Wellness Wednesday blog posts

• Welcomed 3 new team members

• Closed the year with over 36,000 members in The Head Plan Community App