The Head Plan Finance Journal


Do you feel fear or stress around your finances? Do they make you feel out of control? Are you hoping to save for a mortgage, a holiday or need to get your head above water out of debt? Do you want a better understanding of where your money is going each month?

If you are saying 'YES!', we are delighted to introduce The Head Plan FINANCE, it has been designed just for YOU. 

When you turn the page on this life-changing 12-month journal you are taking ownership of your finances and revolutionizing your relationship with money. Whether you’re raising the capital to start your own business, saving for a mortgage, or planning a wedding, the finance journal fits every money goal, allowing you to tap into an abundance mindset and create the wealth you desire.

The Head Plan - Finance Journal - Product Details

Product Details

Hardback with a 3cm spiral

Made of vegan leather

Elastic hold

Attractive Nude colour 

Easy to use with built-in tab dividers

Pocket at the back for receipts

Made of high-quality recycled paper 

Comes in a luxury presentation box – ideal for documents 

The Head Plan - Finance Journal - What's Inside

What's Inside

• Monthly tracking so you can accurately record your income, spending, and outgoings

• Budget planning to help you plan for one-off occasions and big life events

• Splurge lists that allow for motivation

• Progress trackers to you have a record of just how far you’ve come

• Financial Quotes to spur you on when you need it most

• Notes and working pages for clarity and those all-important sums

• A financial review to uncover and transform your money habits. 

• Financial goal-setting pages that enable you to make your money goals a reality

The Head Plan - Finance Journal - Shipping Information


Future-proof your finances 

Have you ever wondered what financially free people do differently? They have empowering beliefs about money that set them up for success. The Head Plan Finance encourages you to change your limiting beliefs about money with space to create financial affirmations that rewire your money mindset at a neurological level. That means you can improve your finances now and in the future. 

Encourages aligned spending 

Thanks to daily financial tracking, planned seasonal splurges, and goal setting pages, you can make your money go further. The Head Plan Finance Journal ramps up your spending power and empowers you to make aligned choices about how you spend your money. 

Become financially free 

Imagine finally getting a grip on your finances and having an unlimited stream of money to spend and save as you please at the end of every month. With savvy spending tips and tricks and space to change the beliefs you have about money, The Head Plan Finance Journal helps you get there. 

The Head Plan Finance Journal Preview


Download your FREE PDF preview and experience your first steps towards financial freedom.

This preview contains a sneak peek into the Finance Journal, space to set your budget, track your spending and reach your goals. Give yourself an insight into what it feels like to finally take control of your finances for one full month.

Today is the day you start; write it down and make it happen.