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At The Head Plan, we believe that fostering a culture of wellness is paramount to achieving corporate excellence. The wellbeing of your staff directly impacts productivity, innovation, and overall organisational success. As one of Ireland’s leading wellness companies, we are dedicated to supporting this mission.

Our curated range of guided wellness products is meticulously designed by our team of experienced Life & Wellness Coaches. These best selling journals and complementary tools, from our transformative Productivity & Wellness Journal to our Ultimate Agenda Bundle, harness the power of positive psychology and life coaching to propel individuals towards their goals and drive a growth mindset.


Why choose The Head Plan?

Exclusive Corporate Discount:

Benefit from special pricing on
bulk orders.

Personalised Touch:

Elevate your corporate branding
with premium gold foil logo
personalisation or offer a unique
touch with individual staff initials.

Efficiency & Convenience:

Trust in our rapid turnaround time,
complemented by flexible delivery options worldwide.

The benefits to your employees:

Each product we have has its own unique benefits, here are a few we think are important to note:

Mindful Goal Achievement
Habit Cultivation
Consistent Progress Tracking
Employee Appreciation
A Sense of Calm

Let’s embark on a

journey to elevate workplace

wellness together.


Is there a minimum order value?
Yes, €500. Bespoke codes are available for smaller orders.

Do you deliver worldwide?
Yes. Individual worldwide deliveries quoted on location.

What are the shipping costs and can you ship to individual addresses, my team works remotely?
Free delivery for single address. Flat rate for individual addresses in Ireland. Worldwide individual
delivery quoted on location.

What is the lead-time for personalisation?

2-3 weeks but always ask and we can see what we can do.

What format do you need my logo in to get it embossed on the cover of a logo?
Illustrator or eps file.

What information do I need to provide you with to receive a quote?
Quantity, products of interest, if you want personalisation, delivery deadline and delivery

Which products can be personalised?
The Productivity & Wellness Journal, Gratitude Journal (vegan leather only), Blank Journals and Finance

Can I add a personalised note for the recipients?
Yes, we can include a printed personalised note in your individual deliveries if you have a message you
wish to send with the parcel.