Plant the Seeds of Growth

This May, we invite you to join our Seeds of Growth challenge, a FREE 5-week programme designed to get your started on your personal development guided by The Head Plan.

Think of The Head Plan as your Personal Development Companion, we provide you with the tools, the insights, and the encouragement you need to take charge of your life and create the future you desire. But make no mistake – you hold the pen. We are so excited to go on this journey with you.

What You Will Receive

Weekly Inspirational Emails:
Delivered straight to your inbox to keep you motivated and on track.

Dedicated Community Space:
We’ve created a dedicated “Seeds of Growth” group on The Head Plan Community App. In this group you’ll get to connect with like-minded people. We will do daily check-ins and share with you tips & tricks, resources, prompts, and everything you need to make of the next 5 weeks and beyond the best yet.

Exclusive FREE PDFs:
Each week, you’ll receive a FREE PDF filled with insightful content, reflective exercises & practical steps tailored to each theme:

Week 1: The Here & Now

Before setting your goals, it is crucial to understand and take authority of where you are right now. In Week 1, we set the stage for your growth journey with an assessment of the here & now. This exercise will help you gain a perspective of your current reality, plan your future, and make choices today to create the life you desire.

Week 2: Your Inner Talk

Did you know we have between 60,000-80,000 thoughts a day? Up to 75% of these thoughts are negative and 95% repetitive… Imagine everything you are holding yourself back from achieving. YOU place these limiting beliefs on yourself, and YOU are your main block to achieving greatness. In Week 2 we work towards banishing these beliefs and re-framing your thoughts. It’s not easy, but it is powerful… it is the KEY to reaching your full potential. 

Week 3: Write It Down

Writing your goals down it is the secret to getting what you want in life. But do you know how to set meaningful goals? Numerous studies have shown only three percent of the population set goals and only one percent actually write them down. YOU are about to join one percent of the population when you start Week 3 of the Seeds of Growth challenge. Are you ready to learn how to set achievable goals using The Head Plan method?

Week 4: Making It Happen

The Head Plan is here to empower you, uplift you, and support you every step and page of the way… but only YOU can take action. Writing down your goals isn’t enough; you need to make it happen. In Week 4 we have powerful exercises to ensure you have the power to make it happen. Set a tangible action plan and watch your life unfold before your eyes!

You Journey Doesn't End Here

In Week 5, we will reflect on your journey, evaluate your progress, refine your techniques and discover the next steps for your personal development journey to ensure you feel empowered to make it happen. BUT your journey doesn't end here..


The Seeds of Growth programme is more than just an email series and PDFs - it’s your real-life ticket to building a growth mindset and get REAL RESULTS. By joining us, and tens-of-thousands of like-minded Head Planners, you’re not only gaining knowledge but also the tools to implement long-lasting changes.