The Head Plan Gratitude Journal



When was the last time you consciously stopped and took a moment of gratitude for all the good you have in your life? We are not trying to live in a world of denial, we are aware every day is not a good day but we know there is good in every day when you look for it.

When you learn to be genuinely appreciative for all the things in your life, the good & the bad, the big & the small, it’s one of the most beneficial things you can do for your wellbeing and mood. According to the science developing more optimism floods your brain with positive chemicals that boost happiness in a practice that takes as little as five minutes a day.

The Head Plan Gratitude Journal is the perfect companion to The Head Plan Productivity & Wellness Journal if you are looking for more space to level up on your daily gratitude practice. It’s also a great place to start if you are new to the brand and are looking for a beautiful journal to begin your gratitude journey.

What's inside

Guided Journaling Explanations so you know exactly what to do and why.

Daily Gratitude Pages where you can document your high points, positive thoughts, and more!

Ritual Rewire Section so you can create routines that set you up for success.

Weekly Inspired Action Pages that inspire you to prioritise your actions for good.

Daily Gratitude Reflection Pages to empower you to strive, thrive, and grow.

Affirmation Builder so you can rewire your beliefs with personalized positive statements.

Inspirational Quotes throughout to keep you driven, motivated, and inspired!

Notes Sections so you can free-write on your thoughts, feelings and gratitude.


Boosts Happiness and Optimism

Featuring morning and evening gratitude practices that are proven to boost your happiness levels, with The Head Plan Gratitude Journal there’s no limit to what you can feel, believe and do. Connection, mindfulness and wellbeing are yours for the taking.

Encourages Ritual Creation

Supercharge your path to success with a ritual rewire section that allows you to put empowering morning and evening rituals in place, inspired action pages to improve your wellbeing and your very own affirmation builder to rewire limiting beliefs so there’s nothing you can’t have, be or do.

Compliments Goal Attainment

The Head Plan Gratitude Journal features gratitude practices that empower you to match the frequency of your goals, prime your mind for success and dramatically improve your progress. All you have to do? Put pen to paper.

Provides A Pick-Me-Up

Don’t let bad days derail you! The Gratitude Journal provides a record of everything you have to be grateful for in one place, helps you develop a positive mental attitude and enables you to power through tough days.

 Join The Head Plan Community

Join the 25,000+ community on The Head Plan App and begin your personal development journey to get to where you truly belong. You will receive guided personal development content, advice and support to elevate your gratitude journey. With daily affirmations, regular encouragement, and expert insight, there’s nothing you can’t achieve.  

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A5 Hardcover (19 x 12.5 x 2.5 cm) with vegan leather that’s as luxurious as it is eco-friendly.

1 Ribbon Markers so you never lose your page.

Elastic Closure to ensure your private thoughts are kept confidential and secure.

Expandable Inner Pocket for keepsakes, notes and important documents.

Over 130 Colour pages on 120g recycled paper giving you plenty of space to focus on gratitude.

Luxurious Presentation Gift Box for thoughtful gifting for yourself or a friend.