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Looking for the perfect gift to inspire and empower the young minds in your life?

Look no further! Introducing our Kids' Superpower Pack, a specially designed bundle to nurture self-discovery, resilience, and overall wellness in children aged 6 to 12 years old. This extraordinary bundle, presented in a vibrant canvas drawstring bag is sure to delight and inspire young minds.

The Kids' Superpower Pack is more than just a gift; it's an investment in a child's personal development. It equips them with the tools they need to navigate life's challenges and embrace their unique strengths and abilities. It is also great alternative to screentime.

Who is it for?

Designed for all children between the ages of 6 and 12. Its bright and colourful design appeals to both boys and girls, making it a versatile and thoughtful gift choice for every child.

What’s Included

  • The Head Plan Kid’s Journal
  • The Kids' Affirmation Deck
  • The Kids’ Affirmation Audio Track
  • Canvas drawstring bag

More About the Products

  • The Head Plan Kids' Journal: This is more than a journal; it's a magical gateway to self-expression and self-discovery. With its playful daily pages, inspiring quotes, prompts, interactive activities, and space for drawing and writing, ‘My Journal’ becomes a trusted companion on their journey of personal growth. Encourage children to document their thoughts, dreams, and daily experiences in this colourful and inviting journal.

  • The Kids' Affirmation Deck: This deck will empower children with the gift of positivity! This delightful deck of affirmation cards is designed to boost confidence, foster a positive mindset, and nurture resilience. Each card features child-friendly language and captavating illustrations, making it easy for kids to connect with the powerful messages within. These affirmations inspire children to believe in themselves more.

  • Affirmation Audio Track. Take affirmations to a whole new level with our brand-new Kids’ Audio Track. This downloadable MP3 playlist features confidence boosting Superpower Affirmations recited by Life & Wellness Coach, Denise Kenny Byrne, along with her little friends Flynn, Isabelle, and Hailey. Listening to the soothing music with the kids’ voices will become a daily ritual that instils positivity and resilience.


  • Encourages Self-Expression: The Kids' Journal provides a safe and creative space for children to express their thoughts, feelings, and dreams. It fosters self awareness and helps kids articulate and process their emotions.
  • Boosts Confidence: The Kids' Affirmation Deck is a powerful tool for building self-esteem and confidence. Daily affirmations help children develop a positive self image and belief in their abilities.
  • Promotes Resilience: Through positive affirmations and journaling, children learn how to navigate challenges with resilience and a growth mindset. They develop the skills to bounce back from setbacks and face life's ups and downs with courage.
  • Enhances Communication Skills: Writing in "My Journal" encourages communication skills as children practice expressing themselves clearly and effectively. It can also be a helpful tool for parents and caregivers to better understand their child's thoughts and emotions.
  • Fosters Healthy Habits: The Kids' Superpower Pack introduces children to healthy habits of self reflection and positive thinking from an early age. These habits can have a lasting impact on their overall well-being.