Mirror Markers


Step up your mirror work with The Head Plan Mirror Markers. Make your reflection a source of daily inspiration using these 5 vibrant markers designed specifically for mirror surfaces. Perfect for jotting down positive affirmations, these Mirror Markers transform your mirror into a canvas for self-love and motivation.

At The Head Plan, we are strong advocates for the power of mirror work and positive affirmations. This age-old practice involves meeting your reflection and using affirming words to alter your self-perception positively. Our Mirror Markers are the perfect tool to bring this transformative practice into your daily routine.

Use The Head Plan Mirror Markers to craft your personal messages of affirmation directly on your mirror. As you pass your reflection throughout the day, pause to repeat these positive affirmations three times, making eye contact with yourself. This simple yet impactful ritual can have a transformative effect on your self-development journey when embraced consistently.

Product Details

  • Pack Includes: 5 Mirror Markers in shades of White, Blue, Purple, Dark Pink, and Baby Pink.
  • For Use On: Ideal for mirrors but also effective on Glass, Metal, Glossy Boards, LED Boards, Plastic, and Non-Porous Surfaces.