Productivity & Wellness Bundle - Digital Download


Are you reaching your goals with ease? OR do you feel like you need a top up of inspiration, clarity, and motivation?

These expertly designed goal-getting worksheets will help support your progress and put the pep back in your step. We provide a lot of guidance in our best-selling Productivity & Wellness Journal. These worksheets were lovingly created to complement our goal - getting method to encourage you to rise, grow more and shine even brighter. We know you have adapted a growth mindset, so we wanted to give you even more. We cover life-coaching exercises like the balance wheel, time reflection, your ‘why’ and life-changing journaling questions.

We encourage you to download, print, and set yourself up with the space and time to go inwards. This is your life; your time and we are with you every step of the way as you design your desired life.

Remember; you hold the pen ... write it down & make it happen.

Suitable for journaling newbies or avid Productivity & Wellness users. You need these worksheets in your life if you are craving more clarity and motivation, trust us!

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  • A4, single side, colour
  • One PDF download that includes 27 pages
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  • Includes table of contents
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Worksheet 01 - My Balance Wheel

The Balance Wheel is a life-coaching exercise that brings you back to basics and balance. It is a simple yet effective method that will help you a gain an invaluable visual perspective of your current reality. It helps you plan your future and make the right choices to create the life you desire. Remember; you hold the pen and have the power to rewrite your story.

This worksheet set is for you if you feel off kilter and in need of clarity and direction.

Worksheet 02 - Life Coach Reflection Questions

It can be hard to ask yourself the right questions. We are here to help you think about yourself and your life on a deeper level. This worksheet set is a series of life-coaching questions for you to answer honestly and with an open-mind. The reward will be a shift in perspective and more self-compassion. Change is possible, we are with you and here to help.

Worksheet 03 - Time Reflection Sheets

“There is not enough time in the day! I don’t have time to do what I want!” Is this you? Effective time management can change everything, but first, we believe you need to reflect and gain awareness. This worksheet set helps you assess where you are spending your time and define what changes are required for you to achieve the vision you hold for your life. Remember; If nothing changes, nothing changes.

Worksheet 04 - Goal Setting Checklist

Writing your goals down is an artform and we know it is the secret to getting what you want in life. We have written the ultimate goal-setting checklist for optimum success. If you include all elements described and tick each box provided when reaching your goals, you will excel.

Worksheet 05 - Finding Your Why

So many people focus only on the ‘how’ and not the ‘why’ when setting their goals. Is this you? When you successfully establish your ‘why’ your motivation and emotional drive for behaviour change will increase. This worksheet set includes a series of reflection questions to help draw out and define your “why” for your current goals in life.

Worksheet 06 - Monthly Reflection

We believe reflection separates the extraordinary from the ordinary. Sitting with yourself takes courage. We have embedded this practice into the Productivity & Wellness Journal with weekly reflections, a key ingredient in our method. This worksheet set includes specially written and designed monthly reflection journal pages for you to experience the power of progress each month.