The Finance Bundle - Digital Download


Do you feel in control of your finances? OR do they cause you stress? Are you in need of some discipline and guidance?

We can help you get on top of your budget and money mindset today. These worksheets encourage reflection and planning for a better, more abundant future. Starting with a full financial review you will gain clarity like never before. We believe non-judgmental awareness this is the key to making changes to your money habits. You will map out your financial goals for a high-level plan, this will motivate behaviour change. Also included are 30 questions to ask yourself before you buy, designed to stop you in your impulse buying tracks and become the conscious consumer you have always wanted to be. With the right attitude these worksheets will shift your money mindset and set you up for success.

Anything is achievable with the right plan; write it down and make it happen

Suitable for journaling newbies or avid Finance Journal users. You need these worksheets in your life if you are craving more control and ease, trust us!

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Worksheet 01 - Yearly Financial Review

If you have The Head Plan Finance, you will understand the power of reflecting and reviewing your spending to learn how to shape your future finances more effectively. This worksheet set is designed for you to assess the past 12-months to move forward with more ease and direction. This exercise cannot be underestimated. Don’t wait until January!

Worksheet 02 - Setting Financial Goals

Put pen to paper, take the time to think about and write your financial goals. If this is an area that causes you unease, do something about it. Nothing changes if nothing changes. There is immense power in planning. This exercise will act as a guide for your finances for the next 5 years. It gives you the space to detail your short-term and high-level financial vision. Write it down & make it happen!

Worksheet 03 - 30 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Buy

Feeling out of control with your finances? Finding sticking to a budget challenging? Your spending habits can be so deeply engrained that even when you set intensions to stick to a budget you can end up defying your own intensions. We want to help you become a conscious consumer and have collected the ultimate list of life-changing questions to ask yourself before you buy! Small changes make the BIGGEST impact.

Worksheet 04 - Extra Finance Sheets

This worksheet set is for you if you have completed The Head Plan Finance and want extra pages or you have not invested in it just yet. We have comprised the most popular sheets from the journal for you to print and use on your journey to abundance. Included is Splurge Lists, Budget Sheets, and Progress Sheets for depts and savings. Your financial freedom awaits…