The Gratitude Bundle - Digital Download


How grateful are you? Does practicing gratitude come easily to you? OR do you need a little nudge to remind you to adapt an attitude of appreciation?

These powerful worksheets were written to amplify your gratitude practice and get your appreciation flowing. NEVER underestimate the influence practicing gratitude can have on all areas of your life, we even believe it can supercharge your manifestations and goal-getting capabilities. It is such a simple practice but it can also be a hard habit to embed, especially if you are swinging more on the negative side of life. Included in this bundle is three specially designed worksheet sets to inspire more appreciation and help to fill your heart with true, unapologetic gratitude.

They are simple but effective, and we know you will benefit hugely from the exercises inside. Suitable for journaling newbies or avid Gratitude Journal users. You need these worksheets in your

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Worksheet 01 - Amplify Your Manifesting Powers

We believe gratitude amplifies your manifesting powers tenfold! It puts you in the frequency of receiving your goals and is a beautiful way to boost your mood and energy. We have designed a gratitude exercise called “The Gratitude Waterfall,” learn all about it in these worksheets and allow yourself to feel the force of pure, blissful gratitude.

Worksheet 02 - Affirm Your Gratitude

We believe practicing affirmations and gratitude come hand in hand, each compliments the other. In this worksheet we will give you the low down on why we are such affirmation advocates. Then, we provide affirmation inspiration with simple but wonderful ideas of things you can start affirming and appreciating today. This sheet is designed for you to save, screenshot, or recite in your journal to get you on the path to experiencing the joy of gratitude.

Worksheet 03 - 20 Journal Prompts for more Gratitude

Whether you are just getting started on your gratitude practice, in need of inspiration or want to level up...this is the right worksheet for you. We have written journal prompts to encourage more gratitude in your life. These questions are designed to stick with you, we encourage you to repeat them regularly when you are in those moments when you need a little nudge or reminder to see the good, even in the simple or seemingly mundane.