The Journal by Roxie Nafousi


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How many times have you felt like you weren’t enough? How often has your inner critic stopped you from pursuing the things you really want?

Your self-doubt ends now with the The Journal by Roxie Nafousi and The Head Plan: a guided programme that empowers you to see yourself through the eyes of the people who love you most.

Taking you on a transformational journey over the course of 12 life-changing weeks, The Journal has been lovingly and carefully curated by renowned self-development coach and manifestation expert Roxie Nafousi.

Packed with powerful weekly exercises including exclusive meditations that allow you to live the life of your wildest dreams, Roxie empowers you to harness the power of unconditional and radical self-love, inner trust and self-belief to make your deepest desires a reality and ignite an inner strength you never knew was possible.

Journey back to your childhood self and unleash the unwavering confidence and self-love you were born with, strip back your limiting beliefs, and become the most empowered version of you

With The Journal you really can have it all; exponential growth is yours for the taking, and all you have to do is turn the page and follow Roxie’s lead.

The time to stop standing in your own way and start standing in your power is now.

Watch Roxie explain 'The Journal'

What's inside

Inspiring guidance from Roxie packed with expert wisdom and advice to kickstart your journey

A two-part 12-week programme that empowers you to get clear on where you are today and build game-changing routines and habits for your ideal future.

Powerful self-discovery exercises and meditations to love yourself unconditionally, identify your unique life-defining moments, and discover who you want to become – and why you’re destined to get there

Weekly priority pages that allow you to hone in and follow through on the actions you need to take to move from A to B

Weekly review pages so you can easily identify your progress in four core areas: Mind, Career, Body and Relationships

Daily positivity practices to help you capture and record all the good moments from your day and tap into the endless benefits of gratitude

Daily reflection pages that allow you to organise your top priorities, create empowering mantras, and practice self-love each and every day

Generous free writing space, giving you the opportunity to explore your thoughts on a daily basis


Unleash the power of self-love
Self-love is the secret to your success because it’s scientifically proven to build resilience, help you overcome adversity and power belief in yourself. Your struggle to understand self-love and how to get it ends today; we’re giving you practical, actionable steps to embrace a more loving relationship with you, nix nasty self-sabotaging thoughts, and let go of self-judgement from this moment forward.

Understand who you really are
Each of us has a unique and unlimited set of talents, traits and skills that are instrumental in creating the life of our dreams. With our help, you’ll pinpoint the moments that have shaped you into the person you are today and learn how to build on these to move towards the life you have always desired and deserved.

Make progress towards your goals
If nothing was standing in your way, who would you want to become? With Roxie, everything is possible. Discover how to eliminate the limiting beliefs that have been standing in your way, uncover exactly where you want to be and how to get there, and reconfigure your habits for success. We’re here for you every step of the way.


Embossed hardback cover in a natural linen & cotton mix, with unique woven markings

Presented in a beautiful premium green gift box - the perfect gift for you or a loved one

Green ribbon bookmark so you never lose your page

343 pages of 100 gsm recycled white paper