The Journal by Roxie Nafousi


How many times have you felt like you weren't enough? How often has that inner critic halted your steps towards the dreams you cherish? Now, silence that self-doubt and step into your power with "The Journal by Roxie Nafousi and The Head Plan."

This isn't just a journal; it's a meticulously curated 12-week guided program by renowned self-development coach and manifestation expert, Roxie Nafousi. Designed to reshape your self-perception, this journal empowers you to view yourself through the adoring eyes of those who cherish you the most.

Key Features:

  • End Self-Doubt: Stop the cycle of self-critique and embrace a new narrative where you are more than enough.
  • Guided Transformation: Journey through 12 life-changing weeks, each page crafted lovingly by Roxie Nafousi, ensuring you get the expert guidance you deserve.
  • Manifestation Mastery: With Roxie's expertise, learn to manifest not just dreams, but the life you've always yearned for.

Rediscover yourself, reimagine your potential, and reignite your passion for life. With "The Journal by Roxie Nafousi and The Head Plan," you're not just writing entries, but scripting a newer, brighter chapter of your life. Begin your transformative journey today.

The Head Plan - Roxie Nafousi - The Journal - What's Inside

Product Details

  • Luxe Embossing: Features an elegant hardback cover crafted from a natural mix of linen & cotton, showcasing unique woven markings for a distinguished look.
  • Gift-Ready Presentation: Comes in a premium green gift box, making it an ideal present for yourself or a cherished one.
  • Convenient Bookmarking: A tasteful green ribbon bookmark ensures you always pick up right where you left off.
  • Ample Space for Reflection: Offers 343 pages, providing ample space for your personal journey.
  • Eco-Friendly Design: Made with 100 gsm recycled white paper, aligning with eco-conscious values.
The Head Plan - Roxie Nafousi - The Journal - What's Inside

What's Inside

  • Roxie's Insights: Immerse in inspiring guidance from Roxie Nafousi, brimming with expert wisdom to jumpstart your transformative journey.
  • Two-Part Programme: A structured 12-week roadmap that offers clarity on your current state and guides you in establishing transformative routines for your envisioned future.
  • Deep Self-Discovery: Engage in profound exercises and meditations designed to foster unconditional self-love, recognize life-defining moments, and crystallize your future aspirations.
  • Weekly Focus: Priority pages that spotlight crucial actions, coupled with review sections, provide a holistic view of progress in Mind, Career, Body, and Relationships.
  • Positivity & Reflection: Daily practices to embrace gratitude, combined with reflection pages, encourage prioritization, empowering mantras, and daily self-love rituals.
  • Freedom to Express: Generous free writing space ensures you have ample room to introspect and chronicle your thoughts every day.
Roxie Nafousi writting in The Journal by The Head Plan


  • Harness Self-Love: Unlock resilience and belief through scientifically-backed self-love practices, dispelling self-doubt and judgment.
  • Discover Your Essence: Delve deep into your unique traits and talents, identifying pivotal moments that shape your identity.
  • Visualise Your Ideal Life: Define and move towards the life you've always desired, leveraging your innate strengths.
  • Overcome Barriers with Roxie: Break free from limiting beliefs, with Roxie's guidance, making every aspiration attainable.
  • Strategise for Success: Recalibrate habits and consistently progress towards your goals, with support every step of the way.

The Journal by Roxie Nafuosi

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Download your FREE PDF preview of 'The Journal by Roxie Nafousi' and embark on your journey to self-love and empowerment right away. This isn't just any journal; it's a transformative experience crafted by Roxie Nafousi.

Seize the chance to initiate 'Week 1' of the 12-week manifestation journey. Dive into the inaugural exercise on 'Awareness', introspect with Roxie Nafousi's 4 core headings, and harness a week's worth of daily pages to manifest control over your life from this moment.