The Kids Bundle - Digital Download


Rainy day with the kids? Looking for some educational entertainment? We have you covered with a variety of life-coaching and mindfulness exercises to help kids adapt, learn and grow. Kids are like little sponges, they’ll never stop learning. We have created these worksheet sets to inspire their full potential. They are colourful, motivational and fun! We will introduce them to the core personal development SUPERPOWERS of; affirmations, self-care, gratitude and goal-setting. The information is easy to digest and designed for kids between the ages of 6 – 12 years old.

Suitable for journaling newbies or avid Head Plan Kids Journal users. They will love learning more about themselves, give them the permission to turn their dreams into goals and watch them soar!


  • A4, single side, colour
  • One PDF download that includes 31 pages
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Worksheet 01 - Affirmation Colouring Sheets

These affirmation colouring sheets for kids are the perfect rainy day activity. They can colour and affirm their love, bravery, kindness, joy and creativity. They were designed to encourage kids to celebrate how wonderful they are. A lovely addition to the kitchen fridge, bedroom wall or classroom pinboard.

Worksheet 02 - The Magic Of Gratitude

We encourage gratitude to be taught young; we have created this worksheet set to show kids its power and how to use it to boost their mood. The sheets include an explanation and journal pages to get them started today. Simple shifts can make the biggest difference.

Worksheet 03 - Affirmation Powers

Affirmations are short, positive sentences that celebrate uniqueness, intelligence, kindness, and bravery. By repeating affirmations regularly, it will help boost self-esteem and adaptation of a growth mindset. This worksheet set includes an explanation of affirmations, why and how to use them along with journal pages to get them started today.

Worksheet 04 - The Secret To Self-Care

One of the biggest secrets to having a great day, every day is self-care. Self-care is learning how to take care and look after yourself with healthy habits. This worksheet set starts with an explanation, includes journal prompts, self-care ideas and journal space for kids to create their own self-care menu. They will learn to start the right way and care for themselves.

Worksheet 05 - Turning Dreams Into Goals

Turning dreams into goals is a superpower worth hearing about. These worksheets are designed to teach kids how to set goals and take action. We have included a journaling exercise, easy to digest guide to goal setting, examples and goal ladder sheets for them to map out and track their progress. They will leave these pages filled with confidence and motivation.

Worksheet 06 - My Happy Place

No matter how you are feeling you can access a happy place inside your mind. This sheet ignites the imagination. It provides the space to build a place that is your own, safe, and full of love. This colourful worksheet prompts the senses and can be revisited anytime anxiety or worry surfaces.