The Art Of Goal Setting

The Art Of Goal Setting
We want to let you in on a secret. Everything you’ve ever dreamed of is possible. Yep, let that sink in. It doesn’t matter whether you want to fly to the moon someday, build your own business empire, travel the world, write a book, or break the world record for the most amount of chicken nuggets eaten in an hour.

You can achieve everything you’ve ever wanted simply by using a consistent goal setting practice. It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you come from, you can start anywhere, and with the right amount of determination, focus, and action, you can make your dreams a reality.

If this is your first foray into goal setting you might be wondering where to get started. If you’re a seasoned goal setter you might be seeking a little more success. Either way, here at The Head Plan we have your back.

How To Set Goals

Get crystal clear

Before you set goals, it’s pretty essential that you sit down and suss out what it is you actually want. Take your time on this one. Now is your opportunity to get crystal clear on what you want in life so don’t rush the process.

Look at the six main areas of your life – finance, business and career, self-care and wellness, family and friends, personal development and learning, and physical environment – and write out exactly how you want your life to look. Jot down whatever it is that comes to mind and don’t be worried if your list of goals currently resembles a mass of messy scribbles – you can finesse it in the next step.

If you’ve set small goals in the past because you didn’t believe the bigger stuff was attainable, now is the time to really dream big. Try not to worry about how it might happen; pull out the big guns of belief and trust it will. You got this!

Write it out

Want to hear something that shocked us? Only three per cent of people set goals and only one per cent write them down. So if you pull out your copy of The Head Plan and write out your goals you’re already ahead of 99 per cent of the population.

Here’s our special formula: Start with your long-term goals, the big stuff that you want to achieve in the next two, three, five, and 10 years, and then chunk it down into short-term goals you want to achieve over the next year and coming months.

Knowing what your goals are in the short term not only makes the big stuff seem more attainable but helps you to achieve your long-term goals over time by taking consistent action towards them. See, those big scary goals don’t seem quite so intimidating anymore, do they? Three cheers for chunking it down!

Take daily action steps

Ever heard the phrase ‘Success is the sum of small efforts’? We’re big fans of that one and it’s the exact reason we include weekly goals and daily tasks in The Head Plan.

By making progress day by day, week by week, you are inching ever closer to your dreams in a way that feels achievable, and research shows that you’re twice as likely to succeed if you make a plan for where, when, and how you’ll carry these goal-getting tasks out. Plus, we can all agree that putting a big old tick on your to-do list is on the god-tier level of satisfaction, right?

Consider the aligned steps you can take to reach your goals and make a specific plan for when you’ll complete them and you can’t go wrong.

Regularly review

Whether you’ve a head like a sieve or the memory of an elephant, each and every one of us needs to be reminded of our goals over and over again to keep them at the front of our minds – and there are loads of great ways to do this.

Grab your journal and read over them first thing in the morning, write them out and stick them on the fridge, create a vision board and use it as the screensaver on your phone. Do whatever you have to do to keep your goals at the forefront of your mind.

And if after a little while you realise that a goal you set isn’t really aligned with what you want, for whatever reason? That’s totally okay. Revise it and replace it with something that feels much more ‘you’.

Powerful practices

Want to give your goal setting practice a little more oomph? Try giving thanks for your goals now, as if they were already achieved. If you’re a fan of the Law Of Attraction, you’ll know that doing so will help you attract all those magical things into your life.

Next, close your eyes, and visualize it. Can you imagine being the CEO of your own company or opening the door to your brand new home? Good, because if you can see it, you’re going to be it.

Don’t give up

What do you think the majority of people do when the proverbial sh*t hits the fan? Most of us, if we’re being totally honest, take it as a sign we should give up. But a bump in the road isn’t a sign you should throw in the towel but an opportunity to really test your commitment. How badly do you want it?

Knockbacks are all part of the process and without them, you wouldn’t be able to level up and become the version of yourself who’s living the dream. If you need it, take a little time to wallow, regroup, and just keep going. Trust us, it will be worth it.

Reward yourself

Everyone needs incentives. When it comes to your goals, what are yours?

Having little things to look forward to, like a special purchase at the end of a busy week, a cup of tea and a square of chocolate for completing a nerve-wracking task, or your favourite dinner for finally opening that savings account, can keep you going while you wait for the big rewards, so schedule them in. Don’t just plan your daily tasks but your daily rewards too!

Aaaaand go...

If you’re feeling pumped and you’re ready to put pen to paper and set yourself some big goals, we want you to know it’s all possible. You’ve got this, and there’s nothing you can’t do, be, or have, you little goal-getter you.