We all go through phases, just as the moon does every month. Let's dive into how we can harvest the energy of the full moon and use it as a time to release all that no longer serves us and make room for the good. 

The full moon embodies many things. Cosmically speaking, it’s the time of the month where energy is at its height, and then releases. Writer Ariana Palmieri calls this the “a cosmic sigh.”

When it comes to releasing what no longer serves you and summoning what you want in your future a full moon is the time to do it. It is a reflective time you can give yourself each month. 

The moon goes through many phases but it's when it's at its fullest, every 29.5 days, that we can harness the full extent of its power, giving you a wonderful opportunity to call in what you want and let go of what you don’t. 

While new moons signal the start of the lunar cycle and are a key time for reflection, introspection and fresh starts, full moons are an opportunity to shed what doesn’t serve us and add intensity to our goals.  

What the science says 

There’s evidence to suggest the moon can impact everything from our moods, our sleeping patterns, and even our menstrual cycles. 

If you’re in any doubt about the power of the moon, think of it this way: the moon controls the tides in every ocean around the world. If the moon can influence oceans, guess what? It can influence you and your energy too. 

The human body is 90 percent water, so it’s little wonder that scientists believe we sleep less deeply during the full moon and can also experience an increase in bad moods and anxiety.  

Fun fact, one study even suggests the full moon can lead to an increase in manic behaviour, while another says it can make us feel more social and outgoing.  

There’s even believed to be a correlation between the full moon and birth rates, with some evidence suggesting there’s a surge in births when the moon is at its fullest.  

Some folks believe women are more sensitive to the full moon’s powers too. Compared to men, women are more likely to notice a change in mood and disruption to sleeping patterns.  

Our daily lives can seem so far removed from the moon, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t affected by its superpowers.  

Full Moon Magic: The Benefits 

Unblock your energy 

Sometimes bad vibes hold us back, but you don’t need to go storming off into the mountains during a blizzard like Queen Elsa to let it go. You can do it right from the comfort of your own home with your very own ritual. The full moon is ample time for identifying your fears, worries, and anxieties and deciding to release them. 

Whether you realise that it’s financial worries that have been holding you back or it’s self doubt that’s keeping you down, full moons have a powerful cleansing energy and can help you let it all go. 

Supercharge your intentions 

Ever heard the phrase ‘What you put out into the world comes back to you multiplied?’ Well, that’s especially true during the full moon. 

The full moon is a powerful amplifier. It picks up on your energy and multiples it, whether that energy is good or bad, high or low, so when you set intentions during the full moon you’re giving them more power to manifest. 

Raise your vibration 

Let us ask you a question: what would you do if fear wasn’t holding you back? And how would you feel if you let go of self doubt, forgive that person who hurt you, and stopped letting the small stuff get in your way? 

We’d wager you’d go after the things you want and feel pretty bloody fantastic.  Full moon is the time to schedule in time with yourself and hit the reset button. 

Being the powerful amplifier that it is, when you feel good, the full moon keeps those good vibes coming. It helps to bring you into the right space to let all that magical abundance flow. 

To put it very simply, a full moon ritual is a little like decluttering your wardrobe. Once you get rid of the stuff that no longer fits, you leave room on the rail for a cute new dress or a comfy pair of jeans that bring you joy. Only instead of a new dress or pair of jeans, it’s that relationship you’ve been dreaming of or the seven-figure empire you’re building. 

Moon Ritual: How To 

Ready to use the magic of the full moon to multiply your blessings, call in your desires and let go of the stuff that’s been holding you back? You are? Great! Here’s how to harness full moon power... 

What not to do  

Fair warning, now is not the time to rush into anything or make big rash decisions. Let your intentions percolate and take some time to consider your plans. It’s likely you’ll feel motivated, energized, highly emotional and inspired, but it’s a good idea to take this time to plot and plan.  

During the full moon, your emotions are on overdrive so let them settle before diving into a big project or starting something new - that’s what new moons are for!  

Step one 

Grab a pen and paper. Remember what we said about setting intentions? Now’s your time to get crystal clear about what you want.  

You might like to do this activity a few days before the full moon so you can really get the creative juices flowing. Journal it all out. What’s not working for you right now? What’s blocking your energy? What would you like to do, feel, or achieve instead? 

Get it all out on paper, and whittle it down to three things you want to let go off, whether it’s overthinking, a bad habit or something else entirely, and write each one on an individual piece of paper. 

Step two 

You know how you probably wouldn’t invite a friend over for tea before first giving the house a bit of spring clean? Well, clearing your environment for a full moon ritual is kind of like that. Clear out any clutter to let the energy flow and clear your mind with a meditation too. 

Step three 

Now, it’s ritual time. Remember those pieces of paper we mentioned before? Take each one in your hand, one at a time, and reread what you’ve written. Out loud or in your head repeat the words “This no longer serves me and I will let it go.” 

Step four 

Next, using a candle - very carefully - light each piece of paper on fire and drop them into a bowl of water. The smoke this creates is like that worry or problem floating away never to be seen again. Good news: You’ve released it. And it’s gone for good. 

Step five 

Now that you’ve said goodbye to those bad vibes, it’s time for the really exciting part: welcoming in all the good stuff with open arms. 

What do you really want to manifest? What would you like to achieve in the next few weeks, months and years? What’s your vision? Write it out and dream big. It’s all possible. No exceptions. 


You’ve just completed a full moon ritual. All that tough stuff that has been holding you back, dampening your good vibes and draining your energy is now gone and by setting new intentions you’re paving the path for future success. All with the help of the very powerful and extremely potent full moon.  



May 26, 2021
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