The Head Plan - Free Gratitude Challenge


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Would you believe us if we told you: There’s no limit to what you can feel, believe

and do. Connection, mindfulness and wellbeing are yours for the taking. We have created this simple yet powerful 5 day gratitude challenge to acknowledge your current mindset and support you in transforming it into a more positive one.

You may be wondering what exactly is gratitude? Put simply, gratitude turns what we have into enough, while simultaneously attracting more for us to love and appreciate. It doesn’t matter where you’re at, who you are, or how terrible things seem, what you put into a gratitude journal can turn your whole day - and life – around.

It is known that people who keep gratitude journals are more likely to make significant progress towards the attainment of their goals. We are all about this! All you have to do to reap the benefits is to make it a habit by putting pen to paper. When you write something down, you’re giving your mind the signal that it’s important. You are also giving yourself the opportunity to really feel the frequency of what you are grateful for.

Taking that into account we have created the Attitude of Gratitude challenge especially for YOU...

The challenge contains 5 powerful pages from our best-selling Gratitude Journal to help you kickstart your gratitude practice and stay motivated, organised and inspired. We have also included 5 inspired actions to encourage you to take conscious action to do more good deeds for yourself and others.

We challenge you to take part in transforming your mindset and boosting your happiness over the next five days by believing in the power of positivity.