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The Journal Prompt Set *Includes FREE Pouch!

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Embark on a journey of self-discovery like no other with The Journal Prompt Set, now enhanced with an exclusive, complimentary pouch to elevate your experience.

This set is not just about exploring your inner self; it's also about doing it in style. The Journal Prompt Cards feature 52 powerful prompts, each crafted by a qualified Life & Wellness Coach, designed to unlock and explore hidden facets of your personality. These prompts are not just questions, but keys to doors within you that you might not have opened yet. Consider this deck a year-long adventure in self-awareness, where commitment to personal growth takes center stage.

Each week, shuffle the deck and draw a card. Let the thought-provoking prompt guide your reflections for the week. Write, ponder, and revisit as often as necessary. The magic happens in the exploration and the writing.

Enhancing this journey is our luxurious Vegan tie bound journal. Its 280 blank pages of possibility are enclosed in beautiful vegan leather, waiting for your thoughts, dreams, goals, and reflections. Journaling here is an experience without judgment or restriction, a space that's purely yours, whether used with the Prompt Cards or for your personal musings.

And now, to add an extra touch of elegance and convenience, each Journal Prompt Set comes with an attractive pink velvet pouch, embossed with "write it down" in golden thread. This exclusive pouch is not just a holder for your Journal and Prompt Cards; it's a statement, a daily reminder of your commitment to writing down and manifesting your life's story.

Included in the set are also two exquisite ballpoint pens in white and nude, adorned with gold accents and motivational inscriptions. These pens, nestled in a sophisticated presentation box, are more than writing tools—they are symbols of your journey towards achieving your goals.

You are the author of your life story. With the Journal Prompt Set and its elegant pouch, let every written word be a step towards making your dreams a reality. Write it down, and watch it happen.

What's Included

The Journal Prompt Cards

• 52 powerful Journal Prompt Cards

• Guidance Card

• Unique arch design

• Gold embossing on box & cards

• Beautiful display box

The Blank Journal

• Stunning vegan leather A5 journal

• 280 lined white recycled pages

• Vegan leather tie to securely fasten

• Affirmation inner pages

• Ribbon Marker

• Gold embossing front and back

• 100gsm 

The Prompted Pouch

• Pink Velvet Pouch

• Embroidered "Write in down" in gold thread

• Tassle and gold circular zip with "The Head Plan" logo

• 29cm (width) x 20cm (height)

Why Journal?

Embark on a transformative journey with the simple act of journaling, a practice validated by scientific research to enhance your mental and emotional well-being. Imagine each page of your journal as a canvas for your thoughts, where your deepest feelings and reflections take shape, leading you to unparalleled self-discovery. Studies, like one published in the 'Journal of Experimental Psychology: General' (2014), have shown that expressive writing, the kind you'll engage in with your Journal Prompt Set, can significantly reduce stress and elevate your mood. This isn't just about penning down words; it's about delving into the depths of your emotions, a process that has been linked to improved emotional health and even a stronger immune system. Your journal becomes a private, sacred space for mindfulness and introspection, helping you to navigate life's complexities with greater clarity and resilience. By committing to this practice, you're not just writing; you're embarking on a journey of self-care and personal growth that's both scientifically endorsed and spiritually fulfilling.


  • Discover Your Inner Self: Each card in the Journal Prompt Set details a thought-provoking prompt, guiding you to delve into unexplored aspects of your life, fostering profound self-awareness and introspection.
  • Empowers Transformation: This year-long journey with the Journal Prompt Set is not just an activity but a transformative experience, leading to personal growth, self-discovery, and empowerment.
  • The Perfect Gift: The combination of the Journal Prompt Set with the luxurious Blank Journal is an ideal present, offering a meaningful and personal touch for yourself or a loved one.
  • Guardian of Your Intimate Thoughts: The exclusive pink velvet pouch, gracefully embellished with "write it down" in gold, serves as a personal sanctuary for your Journal and Prompt Cards, ensuring your intimate reflections and writings are kept safe, secure, and private.
  • Inspiration for Consistent Reflection: The inclusion of two elegant ballpoint pens in the set, along with the weekly prompt exploration, encourages a consistent, reflective writing practice, turning journaling into a cherished ritual.