Each and every one of us has deeply ingrained thoughts that can hinder our progress. It’s the very reason some areas of our lives often feel needlessly difficult. Maybe you struggle to manifest a loving partner because deep down you don’t really feel worthy of love. Perhaps you’ve always had a hard time establishing a healthy money mindset.

We’re here to tell you something: those tricky areas are a result of the beliefs you hold about yourself and the world. Every word you say and every thought you think establishes your beliefs, and it is these beliefs that manifest your reality.

Limiting beliefs block us from achieving the things we want. But don’t fret, because that’s where mantras come in. And lucky for you, we’ve teamed up with Roxie Nafousi once again to bring a transformational 52-card deck of mantra cards that can shift your mood, raise your vibration, and eliminate those limiting beliefs. 

This beautiful card deck includes 52 inspirational mantras that were carefully selected by Roxie herself so you always have an empowering statement right at your fingertips: no need to come up with your own.

We’re certain this deck of mantra cards is going to raise your vibration and take you on a revolutionary journey of healing, but first things first…

What’s a mantra?

For the uninitiated, mantras are simply positive, empowering phrases that you can repeat out loud or in your head at any time. Sometimes known as affirmations, The Psychology Dictionary defines them as:

“A brief phrase which is spoken again and again in an effort to plant seeds of happy and positive notions, conceptions, and attitudes into one’s psyche.”

Their power is profound but easy to understand. Mantras send positive messages to our subconscious. Repeated often enough, these mantras become our automatic thoughts. Over time, they become our beliefs and ultimately shift our reality for the better.

Roxie explains it best. She says, “Mantras work by sending positive messages to the subconscious, which is where self-worth, self-belief, and our capacity for self-love, really live. Our subconscious mind is said to obey the conscious mind; so whatever you think or say, your subconscious will believe it to be true, and react accordingly.”

That means your mood and mindset are in your hands. Approximately 95% of our thoughts and behaviour patterns are said to come from our subconscious mind; mantras ensure you’re making this integral part of the brain work to your advantage. 

But don’t just take our word for it. Because, get this, there’s a tonne of both medical and scientific research that backs up the power of mantras.

One study for example found that repeating mantras produces physical changes in the brain. Researchers discovered that mantras could rewire brain networks and result in positive behaviour changes.

Other studies have found that mantras are key to overcoming stress and making gradual improvements in our health and self-image. There’s even proof to suggest they can accelerate physical healing. 

All it takes is uttering these empowering and powerful phrases on the daily. Roxie has hand picked her favourite mantras to make this process as simple as possible for you to adapt into your routine. So, here’s how to get the most of your mantra card practice…

How to make mantra cards work for you 

Repeat, repeat, repeat..

When you pull a mantra card be sure to repeat it five times there and then and remember to take it with you throughout the day. Anytime a niggling doubt or harsh self-criticism pops into your head, repeat your mantra again and again.

Feeling a little uncomfortable? That’s okay. In fact, it’s totally normal to feel a little strange when you first start your mantra practice. Often, that’s because we’ve been saying less than empowering things to our selves for so long.

“For most of us, our negative thoughts speak to us automatically; they have been plaguing our minds for so long that we are actually comfortable in their presence,” explains Roxie.

“In fact, it feels more uncomfortable to speak to ourselves in empowering and loving ways. We have to make a conscious decision to notice them, stop them, and then replace them. Mantras are an easy way for us to do this.” Just keep going. 

Master the art of self-love

The best way to amplify your mantra practice is to combine it with The Journal by Roxie Nafousi and The Head Plan. Mantras and self-love go hand in hand and this 12-week guided journal is all about improving the relationship you have with yourself and identifying the thought patterns that have held you back.

It’ll help you see where those limiting beliefs of yours have come from and empower you to take strides forward. Once you are aware of the areas you want to work on, you might like to pick a card from the deck that really resonates with the part of you, you want to heal.

Here’s a pro tip: keep that card with you throughout the day and repeat it as often as you can. Pin it to your Vision Board or place it on your desk as you work. You might like to set reminders to do this, add the words to your phone lock screen, or use a prompt from your daily routine, like showering or boiling the kettle, to remind you.

As you go through this process, track your progress in The Journal. You’ll be amazed at how your beliefs evolve and how aware you become of your thoughts throughout the day. 

Live and breathe them

Here’s the thing: mantras aren’t a onetime thing. They are a self-development tool and a continuous practice that will allow you to heal your subconscious mind if you let them. 

That means making mantras a daily practice by keeping your mantra cards nearby: pop them on your coffee table, desk or next to your bed. It means turning to your mantra cards, when you hear negative self-talk that’s trying to sabotage you or an inner critic who’s starting to judge.

Most of all, it means sticking with it, even if you don’t believe what you’re saying initially. Here’s Roxie’s advice:

“The beauty of mantras is that your subconscious will believe it even if you (initially) don’t. I know that for many of you reading this, you may feel silly saying ‘I am perfect exactly as I am’ when you don’t feel in that moment that you are. That’s totally normal, but don’t worry, keep saying it. One day soon, you will say it and you will feel it and you really will believe it.”

Shuffle the deck, change your life…

The simplest hacks are often the best ones. And that’s certainly true of mantras. Every time you speak you have a choice to pick words that empower you or tear you down. Putting mantras into practice can feel uncomfortable to begin with, but it reaps dividends, and in time, those inspiring words won’t feel silly or untrue, they’ll become automatic and your whole world will shift as a result.

So, reach for your mantra card deck and let your intuition be your guide. A healed version of you is waiting. 

March 02, 2022

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