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The Goal Getter Bundle

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Are you ready to chase your dreams, achieve your ambitions, and make every goal a reality? Introducing "The Goal-Getter Bundle," a meticulously curated bundle designed to tap into the essential elements of success – clarity, motivation, focus, drive, and inspiration. This premium collection is elegantly presented in a stylish sidekick for achieving your goals on-the-go, the ‘Making it Happen’ tote bag.

Included in the bundle:

  • The Productivity & Wellness Journal (Any Colour)
  • The Gratitude Journal (Linen Only)
  • The Head Plan Pen Set
  • NEW ‘Making It Happen’ Tote bag (Pink Only)

Product Details

  • The Head Plan Journal: Designed by a Life & Wellness Coach, this journal guides you through a proven method where the art of mindful living meets the science of goal setting and goal-getting. Undated, 6-months and guided throughout, a roadmap to get the most out of every day and progress productively towards the life YOU want to design.
  • The Gratitude Journal: Practicing gratitude will boost your mood, positivity, and wellbeing in just 5 minutes per day! This journal has been carefully designed to become the perfect space for you to start and end your day the right way. A 6-month, undated, guided journal with daily quotes, morning and evening gratitude prompts, inspiration & more. Suitable for everyone and a great place to start if new to journaling.
  • The Head Plan Pen Set: With these pens in hand, you'll effortlessly ‘write it down & make it happen.
  • NEW ‘Making it Happen’ Tote: This luxurious and durable canvas tote is not just a bag; it is a reminder that today, and every day you are making it happen for yourself. This perfectly designed oversized tote, with side pocket for your Daily Drench Bottle has long straps for comfort, fits all your goal-getting essentials, including your yoga mat. It is exactly what you need for on-the-go motivation!
The Head Plan - Productivity and Wellness Journal - Product Details

Who is it for?

  • The Goal-Getter Bundle’ is for every aspiring goal-getter, wellness seeker and self- improvement enthusiast. Whether new to journaling or a seasoned advocate, this collection provides you with everything needed to pursue your goals with unwavering determination, deeper appreciation, and guided balance. It is not just a gift; it's a catalyst for transformation. It guides and empowers you to transform your inner potential, overcome challenges, and achieve your goals while maintaining a balanced and grateful perspective on life. Gift with intention this year.
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  • Clarity and Focus: The Head Plan Journal helps you clarify your goals and priorities, providing a structured framework to stay focused on what truly matters.
  • Enhanced Productivity: By combining effective goal-setting strategies from The Head Plan Journal with The Gratitude Journal, you'll be better equipped to manage your time and tasks efficiently.
  • Personal Growth: Journaling and reflection are powerful tools for personal growth. The bundle encourages you to explore your aspirations and track your progress, fostering continuous self-improvement.
  • Stress Reduction: The act of journaling, especially with gratitude, can reduce stress and anxiety, promoting overall mental well-being. Having space to write, plan, and reflect brings clarity and a sense of calm.
  • Goal-Achievement: The pages of The Head Plan Journal encourage you to map out your long-term and short-term goals and align them to weekly and daily actions. You will have space to plan your day and capture everything you want to achieve in the one place.