The Head Plan - Free Daily Drench Challenge

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You are the sum of all the small habits you incorporate into each day, and #DailyDrenching is the holy grail of healthy habits.

If you want to feel better, improve your mental and physical wellbeing start by drinking your two litres of water each day. It’s easier said than done so let’s do it together, embark on the 30 days of Daily Drench Challenge with us and let’s feel better together!

Pro tips: If you find it hard to remember to sip throughout the day, set a reminder on your phone or smart watch to

nudge you every hour. Engage with a ‘Drench Partner’, maybe it is someone you work with or a bestie, every few hours

you check in with where you are at, send each other updates, pictures of your Drenching. Fill your Daily Drench each

evening and put it in the fridge overnight. Nothing better than fresh, cold water to set you up in the morning.