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Children spend on average up to 7.5 hours in front of a screen every day, and mental health disorders in children, such as anxiety and depression, have increased significantly. Our children are more disconnected, anxious, and depressed than ever before. So, we're introducing something special.

Intoducing ...

The Head Plan Kids Journal

A Journal designed to help children at a
significant developmental
phase in their lives.

The Head Plan Kids Journal gives children a means to disconnect from the screen, explore their emotions, improve writing skills, practice mindfulness, and re-connect with others in a fun, creative and approachable way. These are skills that will stand to them for a lifetime.

The Head Plan - Kids Journal - What's Inside

What's Inside

• Kid-friendly explainer pages that offer clear instruction on how best to use this journal.

• 12 Weeks of ‘My Day’ pages, giving your little one space to reflect on their day, document what they’re grateful for, and record their achievements.

• A ‘My Happy List’ section — a special space for your child to document all the things — big and small — that bring them joy.

• An Affirmation Builder, so your little one can replace negative beliefs with positive ones.

• A Ritual Rewire template to help your child establish — and stick with! — healthy new habits and routines.

• Fun weekly challenges that provide an opportunity to connect with your child and watch them discover more about themselves as they learn and grow.

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The Head Plan - Kids Journal - Benefits

Benefits To Children

• Encourages healthy habits
• Instils empowering beliefs
• Helps young minds manage anxious thoughts
• Replaces screen time
• Creates a positive mental attitude

This kids' journal will teach your little one the power of mindfulness, gratitude, and self-reflection; essential life skills that will equip them to overcome challenges in the future and find the joy in every day.

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