Welcome to a world where young minds are empowered to discover their inner superpowers! The Head Plan Kids Range is designed to nurture the mental strength and resilience of children from an early age. At the heart of this empowering journey is "My Journal," a magical tool that kickstarts their adventure. This journal is the cornerstone of our mission, offering a safe space for children to explore their thoughts, feelings, and dreams while unleashing their inner superpowers. But the magic doesn't stop there; we've expanded our range to include affirmation cards, inspiring affirmation audio, and engaging worksheets, all aimed at equipping kids with the essential personal development tools they need to thrive.


If you're ready to embark on this extraordinary journey of growth and empowerment with them, don't miss our "Superpower Pack," which combines all these incredible resources into one. Let's empower the next generation to be the best version of themselves!

The Kids Superpower Pack;


Introducing the Kids’ Superpower Pack specially designed to nurture young minds and foster more self-discovery, resilience, and wellness. Packaged in a fun, sturdy, canvas drawstring bag with velcro front pocket, this keepsake perfectly fits The Kids’ Journal and the NEW Affirmation Deck. Together, they inspire children to unlock their superpowers by exploring the healthy habits of journaling and affirmations.

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The Kids Journal:


With it’s playful daily pages, inspiring quotes, prompts, interactive activities, and space for drawing and writing, ‘My Journal’ becomes a trusted companion to personal growth, self-expression and self-discovery. Encourage children between 6 - 12 to document their thoughts, goals, and daily experiences, watch them soar!

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The Kids Affirmation Cards:


Say hello to "My Affirmations," a magical deck of 52 affirmation cards specially written and designed for kids. This empowering product is not just a set of cards; it's a tool that will help children build self-confidence, foster a growth mindset, and embrace their uniqueness.These affirmations, when recited regularly inspire children to believe in themselves more. *Supercharge Affirmations, audio version, also included.

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A delightful audio version of the affirmation deck. Join Denise Kenny Byrne, a qualified Life and Wellness Coach, along with her friends Hailey, Flynn, and Isabelle each day as you listen to the affirmations accompanied by gentle music and the comforting voices of other children. It's an interactive experience that brings these affirmations to life, making the journey even more enjoyable. *Included when you purchase  the ‘Kids’ Affirmation Cards.’ Also sold separately as MP3 audio. 

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Rainy day with the kids? Looking for some educational entertainment? We have you covered with a variety of life-coaching and mindfulness exercises to help kids adapt, learn and grow. Kids are like little sponges, they’ll never stop learning. We have created these worksheet sets to inspire their full potential.They are colourful, motivational and fun! We will introduce them to the core personal development SUPERPOWERS of; affirmations, self-care, gratitude and goal-setting.

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