As the festive season approaches, there's a unique joy in finding the perfect gifts that not only bring delight but also inspire growth and well-being. We're thrilled to unveil our specially curated Christmas Bundles – a collection of gifts carefully designed to guide, empower, and transform.

In this season of giving, let's embark on a journey to empower ourselves and those we care about. Explore our Christmas Bundles and discover a selection of products that inspire positive change, foster mindfulness, and encourage personal growth.

The Goal-Getter Bundle:

Worth €100 Now Only ✨€80!

Are you ready to chase your dreams, achieve your ambitions, and make every goal a reality? Introducing "The Goal-Getter Bundle," a meticulously curated bundle designed to tap into the essential elements of success – clarity, motivation, focus, drive, and inspiration. This premium collection is elegantly presented in a stylish sidekick for achieving your goals on-the-go, the ‘Making it Happen’ tote bag.

Included in the bundle:

  • The Productivity & Wellness Journal (Any Colour)
  • The Gratitude Journal (Linen Only)
  • The Head Plan Pen Set
  • NEW ‘Making It Happen’ Tote bag (Pink Only)

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The Journal Prompt Set:

Worth €60 Now Only ✨€50!

Are you seeking answers? Are you looking to unlock the power of self-exploration? Do you want more inner fulfilment? The Head Plan is here to help you unveil the treasures hidden within with our "Journal Prompt Set," a beautifully curated collection designed to empower you on your journey of self-discovery. Delve into your inner world like never before with the Journal Prompt Cards, a deck of 52 life-coaching prompts and questions that will inspire profound introspection.

Included in the bundle:

  • Journal Prompt Cards
  • Luxurious Vegan Leather Blank Journal
  • The Head Plan Pen Set
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The Ultimate Agenda Bundle:

Worth €103 Now Only ✨€85!

Are you ready to embark on a journey of intention, achievement, and unparalleled organisation? Look no further than The Ultimate Agenda Bundle – your lifeline to a life of purpose and balance. Crafted with precision and care in vegan faux leather, this bundle is your all-in-one solution for navigating the complexities of a busy schedule while pursuing your dreams.

Included in the bundle:

  • Textured vegan faux leather ring binder folio
  • Weekly Pack
  • Daily Pack
  • Notes Pack
  • Lists Pack
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The Kids' Superpower Pack:

Worth €52 Now Only ✨€42!

Introducing the Kids’ Superpower Pack specially designed to nurture young minds and foster more self-discovery, resilience, and wellness. Packaged in a fun, sturdy, canvas drawstring bag with velcro front pocket, this keepsake perfectly fits The Kids’ Journal and the NEW Affirmation Deck. Together, they inspire children to unlock their superpowers by exploring the healthy habits of journaling and affirmations.

Included in the bundle:

  • The Head Plan Kid’s Journal
  • The Kids' Affirmation Deck
  • The Kids’ Affirmation Audio Track
  • Canvas Drawstring Bag
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The Stack by Roxie Nafousi:

Worth €108 Now Only ✨€95!

Go on a deep Self-Development journey with all four transformational products by best-selling author Roxie Nafousi brought to you in The Stack.

Included in the bundle:

  • The Journal
  • The Manifest Deck
  • The Mantras
  • The Notebook
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